Today the internetOfThings are entering massively in our home.

Now it’s possible take a look inside own home from other part in the world, it’s possible to change the temperature or switch off a light.

Many brands have already a set of products for InternetOfThings. You just have to be carefull only for your private information. Are you sure that your webcam is accessible only by you?

We want to show you our other projects created with Domoticz and protocols like Z-Wave, X10.

Our projects are safe (because the server is directly in your home) and cheap (because we use only open standard protocol).

With Domoticz you can create the triggers and scenario you want. For example switch on the light when the lux sensor is under 5. Or switch on the music and lights at 7:00 of the morning. or send e message to Telegram when  sensor catch a strange movement.

Take a look at our projects:

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