Videosurveillance with remote control

medium quite expensive 2 days

Before leaving for holidays I need to control my house from remotely.

My idea is to install a webcam in a strategic point of my house and, with the support of raspberry and opensource software motion, I’ll receive a picture directly into my smartphone by telegram once a motion will be detected.

hardware and software list:

  • raspberry
  • telegram account
  • bot creation for receiving picture into mobile phone
  • webcam connected to the raspberrytelegram installation into smartphone


once hardware was correctly installed (ethernet and webcam connected to the raspberry) proceeding with the software installation and configuration:

  1. install motion on raspberry
  2. bot creation writing to telegram botFather
  3. software motion configuration


videosurvaillance activation through TAG NFC

It’s possible activate and deactivate the alarm survaillance through motion web application.

At the end of configuration, once motions is detected by webcam, an istant picture will send to your telegram account.

allarme intrusione con foto sullo smartphone attraverso telegram

allarme intrusione con foto